St. Peter's College Colombo 100 Years of Legacy St. Peter's College Colombo 100 Years of Legacy

Notice Board

Committee Meeting

The next COM Meeting of the OBU will be held at 6:45 PM at the OBU Secretariat.

08th December 2022

Appreciation Ceremony organised by the Health Subcommittee

10th December 2022

Saints Quadrangular Athletic Meet

Saints Quadrangular Athletic Meet will be held at St. Peter’s College Ground on 17th & 18th December.

17th December 2022

Golden Gleam 2022 - eSouvenir

The 2022 Centenary Year Edition of Golden Gleam was held on Saturday, 24th September 2022, at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Colombo.

D. J. Nicholas Perera Hall Project

In the Centenary year, as the Peterite fraternity, we want to do something substantial towards our alma mater. The project to renovate and refurbish the D. J. Nicholas Perera Hall is estimated to cost over LKR 100 Million. As the St. Peter’s College Old Boys’ Union, our target is to raise LKR 50 Million during the Centenary year.


A Message

from Our President

Ravika de Silva

Dear fellow Peterites,


I hope you are safe and well in the face of the unprecedented pandemic. Welcome to the website of the St. Peter’s College Old Boys’ Union. The Committee of Management (COM) and I hope to continue to update the website with the latest information about the activities of the Union to link all members wherever they may be.


We have requested all Sub-Committees, Batch Groups, Branches and Foundations of the SPC OBU to regularly provide information about their activities to be updated. Please refer to the pages on this site for more information.

St. Peter’s College

to mark Centenary Year in 2022

Rev.Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo

St. Peter’s College, Colombo, one of the largest Catholic schools in the country will celebrate 100 years on January 18, 2022. It will mark an important milestone in the College calendar, as the boys in blue, white and gold cherish and celebrate the completion of the century of their alma mater.


In 1922 the Rector of St. Joseph’s College, Colombo, late Rev. Fr. Maurice J Le Goc, in order to accommodate students coming from the southern part of Colombo, created a branch, its brother school on January 18 in Colombo 4, as St. Joseph’s College, Colombo South, which later blossomed to become St. Peter’s College.




November 24

Dr. Nirmal and Dr. Damith join IMED Governing Board

Asia Pacific region, has announced the appointment of two veterans in the entrepreneurship sphere, Dr. Nirmal De Silva and Dr. Damith Gangodawilage, to its governing board.

October 7

Old Peterite Newsletter – Volume 01

Volume 01 (July – September) 2022 / 2023. Published By The OBU Editorial Team 2022/23.

September 27

Dinesh Sri Chandrasekara has been re-elected as the Chairman of SLFFA

Old Peterite Mr. Dinesh Sri Chandrasekara has been re-elected as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Logistics & Freight Forwarding Association (SLFFA) for (2022/23) the second year in a row.




Peterites Go Back to School for the Centenary

St. Peter’s College Centennial Ball

53rd Saints’ Quadrangular Tournament Old Boys 2022



The College


Music By: George De Niese,
Words By: T.L. Minor

Chorus :
Lend a heart and lend a hand,
And lift the flag on high !
Let it’s glorious colours give
A greeting to the sky !
Golden gleam and silver sheen
And Blue that crowns the world !
Set the Flag a flying. Boys
Keep the flag unfurled.1.While in boyhood, here we linger,
Mid a garden’s fragrnt flowers,
Who shall dare to point the finger
When such joys are ours,
Work enduring, play alluring
Fill our happy hours.
Ills all – curing, health ensuring,
In St. Peter’s bowers !
and our Flag is floating proudly,
Let us sing its praises loudly !Lend a heart…

2. “Strong as rocks” we’ll meet the surges,
Of the stormy sea of fate,
Ever led where conscience urges,
Towards a nobler state:
“Strong as rocks”, in play or study
Meeting friend and foe,
Fields of Culture, fields all muddy.
Watch us as we grow !
See, Our Banner’s floating proudly
Let us sing its praises loudly !

Lend a heart…

3. “Strong as rocks”, we’ll play the game Boys
Ever fighting for the rights,
Never stain the College name, Boys:
Keep the flag in sight:
Lit us march, eves front, together
Helping those in need,
“Mid Life’s foul or fairer weather,
We’ll be friends indeed,
While our Flag is floating proudly,
Let us sing its praises loudly !

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