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The OBU History

A Brief Outline

The inaugural Meeting of St. Peter’s College Old Boys’ Union took place on 15th October 1927, presided over by the First Rector, very. Rev. Fr. D.J. Nicholas Perera O.M.I. It is worth recalling that the idea of forming themselves into a union came from the Old Boys themselves, a few months after the name change from St. Joseph’s College South to St. Peter’s College was officially promulgated on 2nd April 1927.

From 1927 to 1977 a period of 50 years, the Rector was ex-officio the President of the Old Boys’ Union. Rev. Fathers D.J. Nicholas Perera, Basil A. Wirathunge, Arthur Nicholas Fernando, Mervyn Weerakkody, Theodore Peiris, Claver Perera and Francis Madiwela provided excellent leadership to the Old Boys’ Union with acceptance to all. During this period the Hony. Secretary had an important role to play as Chief Executive Officer. Among them, we have pleasure in recalling the dedicated work of Messrs. Charles D. de Silva, Neville C.R. Weerasinghe (who served as the General Secretary OBU for a considerable length of time), Major Edward Dias, P. Julian Grero, Shirley Wijeratne, I.M. Wirasinghe and C.E. Maurice Perera.


It was Rev. Fr. Francis Madiwela the 7th Rector of St. Peter’s who in 1977 mooted the idea that it was time that the Old Boys had a President from among themselves, with the Rector becoming the Patron of the Union. Accordingly a 3 man Sub Committee comprising M/s. J.A.R. Felix (Chairman), C.E. Maurice Perera (Secretary), and George Wijesinghe was appointed to draft a new constitution incorporating the new proposal. This new constitution was unanimously adopted on 4th December 1977, and the first Peterite layman in the person of Mr. J.A.R. Felix was unanimously elected President, while the Rector took up the post of Patron of the Old Boys’ Union.


From 1977 to the present day, J.A.R. Felix has been succeeded in turn as President by M/s. Shelly Wickramasinghe, V.P.A. Perera, Mano Chanmugam, Gen. Deshamanya Denis Perera VSV, Ranjit Weerasena, C.E. Maurice Perera, DIG Camillus Abeygoonewardena, Nivard Cabraal, Gerry De Mel, Mano Chanmugam (who served two terms), Harin Gunawardena, Suranga Seneviratne, Roshan Dharmaratna, Surgeon Commodore Nielhaan Samaranayake, Surgeon Rear Admiral N.E.L.W Jayasekera VSV USP, Romeish de Mel, and Asela Lihinikauwa and the present incumbent Ravika de Silva who have, each in his own way, guided the destinies of the OBU with loyalty and dedication.


The Secretaries during this period have been no less diligent in the exercise of their duties, among them being M/s. Christie Rodrigo, Ernie Gunaratne, Terry William, Noel Jayasundera, Stanley Jayasinghe, Dunstan Fernando, Gihan Siribaddana, Nemantha Hatharasinghe, Gerry De Mel (twice), Kevin Edwards, Sriyan de Silva, Shehan D. Fernando, Haariz J. Rahman (twice), Randy Roche, Denver Rozairo, Algi Wijewickrema, Ravika de Silva, and Johann A. Perera. The present holder of the office is Dayan Georgesz.


The Old Boys’ Union with a membership of over 8,000 takes pride in the fact that the objectives of the Union as spelled out in the Constitution have been more than amply realised these 95 long years.

Objectives of Our Union

To keep the past students of St. Peter’s College in a purposeful relationship with their Alma Mater and thereby maintain within them and among them a spirit of loyalty to their Alma Mater.

To obtain the advice, support and co-operation of past students in all matters affecting St. Peter’s College, Particularly

  • In promoting the advancement, progress, and welfare of St. Peter’s College.
  • In promoting and advancing the educational, cultural, recreational, social and economic welfare of the students of St. Peter’s College.

To enable those senior students of St. Peter’s College to acquaint themselves with the members of the Union, in order to engender a spirit of friendship which would help those younger members to contribute wholeheartedly towards the future welfare and continuity of the Union after they have left College

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