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St. Peter’s College to mark Centenary Year in 2022

Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo

St. Peter’s College, Colombo, one of the largest Catholic schools in the country will celebrate 100 years on January 18, 2022. It will mark an important milestone in the College calendar, as the boys in blue, white and gold cherish and celebrate the completion of the century of their alma mater.


In 1922 the Rector of St. Joseph’s College, Colombo, late Rev. Fr. Maurice J Le Goc, in order to accommodate students coming from the southern part of Colombo, created a branch, its brother school on January 18 in Colombo 4, as St. Joseph’s College, Colombo South, which later blossomed to become St. Peter’s College.


Today the College has proven itself to become one of the largest Catholic schools in the country with almost 4,500 students on roll while seven priests, 215 teachers and 100 clerical and support staff serve the College.


St.Peter’s College Rector, Rev.Fr.Rohitha Rodrigo stated:“Today St. Peter’s College Colombo has achieved many accolades in education and sports and the College has produced students who are stalwarts in various sectors of different professions around the world. 100 years of history is very important for every student and Old Boy of this College but it is not just the completion of a century that is relevant, what is important is the valuable contribution the College has made to the society, the country and the world at large by producing citizens who have made their mark and contributed to the development of the country.”


Producing a fully-fledged individual has always been the vision and mission of the College, reiterated Fr. Rodrigo while stressing, “Every Peterite has to strive to become a versatile person and upon leaving College be able to excel in any field he chooses to pursue.”


“Peterites could be found serving different institutions within the government sector or private, serving locally and internationally. They have made their mark wherever they serve or whatever pursuit they have undertaken and have always brought credit to their Alma Mater.


That’s the greatest satisfaction that can be had by the teachers and Priests who moulded them,” he added.Fr. Rodrigo also emphasized that the present students in school are experiencing the ethos, values and culture of those who have contributed through the last 100 years towards what St.Peter’s is today. These students, he said, have the responsibility of taking the Peterite values with them as they leave College and enter society. The legacy and values that were cherished back in 1922 are inculcated into the present students through their years at College, which is why Peterites are respected today as disciplined and caring members of the society.


The Old Boys, he said, are very supportive towards the College and are very passionate about it. They love the school and take pride in being a Peterite.


The old boys contribute for the wellbeing of the present students. There are scholarships awarded by alumni for the benefit of needy students and also to support those who qualify to enter university.


“Many celebrations were planned to commemorate the Centenary Year, but with the current COVID-19 Pandemic affecting our country also, everything has come to a standstill. Once this Pandemic has eased and the regulations are relaxed and with schools starting to operate normally, a programme of spiritual nourishment (Retreat) will be conducted for all students and teachers as a first step,”Fr. Rodrigo said.


Source: DailyNews

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